The eagle has landed...

Well, my talon cuff has arrived, finally. Honestly, I don't think I've worked so hard to make a purchase in my has, after all, taken six weeks to get here...and the final delivery was a decidedly inauspicious (somehow when I spend this much on a piece of jewelry I expect something more in the way of packaging than a layer of tissue paper inside a FedEx envelope).

Gripes aside though, it is gorgeous...the gold is brighter than I'd anticipated but I'm assuming that it will dull and mellow with age and wearing. And I do plan on wearing it...everywhere (despite Mr. Heb's assertion that it looks like I'm being attacked by a large bird)...probably with my grandmother's antique signet ring (which seems to be a good pairing, though you can't tell from my awful photographs).


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  • enc said...
    10:48 AM
    Oh Heb, that is absolutely superb!

    I just love it on top of your sweater, because the contrast is really strong. It's perfect for you.
  • 11:36 AM
    How I love it!!! I had to close mine all the way and it's still a little big but it looks perfect on you. I can't believe it took so long for you, after all you live in the US, no?

    I decided NOT to order from Pamela Love I just felt it was very unprofessional... it does look quite bright in the pictures..mine are most definitely a brass shade.

    And yes, mine came in a random box and 'dust-bag' from another brand but I guess the SA just wanted to wrap it in she was so sweet.
  • editor said...
    6:53 PM
    oh congratulations!!!
  • hebden said...
    7:29 AM
    Thanks everyone!

    thesearch - I took a crazy amount of time considering we're in the same country.

    When I saw your comment I actually contacted Pamela to find out why mine was so shiny...she said it will quickly tarnish and become brass-y...I'm relieved, I love it but it is a tad bright.
  • 3:31 PM
    Hm.. that is weird.. she did tell me that she had to make them and that is why it was taking so long which I found annoying and on top of that sending a cheque by post over the Atlantic by the simple reason she did not take Paypal .. if mine is brass now, will it then become darker..I hope not, as I really love the way the colour is now which is exactly what is pictured on the web..

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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