“He liked to shoot guns and ride motorcycles. You know, typical guy stuff.” - Susan Jackson

PhotobucketI need to be talked down from the shoe ledge...now...before I jump into the all-engulfing darkness and end up buying a pair of these motorcycle boots from Miu Miu...not purely because they manage to combine luxe and bad-ass in an incredibly alluring way...but because they do so while looking non-clunky and (dare I say) feminine. If only they were several hundred dollars cheaper all would be well...but they're not...and I'm in the midst of feeling cheap/attempting to be good...so I need to convince myself to move away from the precipice...but, I admit, I'm teetering.


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  • Sal said...
    3:18 PM
    Can't blame you ... those are completely gorgeous.
  • 5:18 PM
    These have been on my wishlist for a while, just that I have never been a flat boots girl... I guess I think I don't have the legs for them..but these are so pretty..
  • WendyB said...
    6:21 PM
    I had a pair of real motorcycle boots just like that when I was in college and they were SO UNCOMFORTABLE! I think they should have been labeled "for real motorcycle use only."
  • enc said...
    9:56 PM
    ^^Real motorcycle boots aren't comfortable either! I have a pair, and they're really for riding. Walking around in them—much like walking in real riding boots—is awkward.

    I vote try them on and see how many things from your wardrobe will do duty with them. You might have the answer right away.

    I love all the shiny hardware.

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