“Everything comes to him who hustles while he waits.” - Thomas Alva Edison

While I'm waiting to get my hands on my talon cuff...insert a long and not terribly interesting story about the designer not taking credit cards and the first check I sent being lost in the mail (damn you, US Postal Service!)...I have plenty of free time to browse through her other pieces for future wish list items.

Like this delightfully macabre crow's skull necklace which mixes decadence and mortality in a very alluring way.


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  • enc said...
    9:16 AM
    I'm very keen to see what the cuff looks like after seeing that necklace!
  • kim said...
    6:59 AM
    hello! i really like reading your blog, and i've never commented before so it looks like today is the day!

    if you like pamela love's jewellery, i'm sure you will like this nz-born, melbourne-based artist Julia deVille. She makes lovely jewellery much in the same style as pamela love.

    this is her website:

    and she currently has an exhibition on in the gallery i work at:

    and more images here on the gallery blog (which i write!):

    i hope you get the cuff you are eyeing soon, and maybe some extra goodies too :)

    x kim

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