"When she was good she was very, very, good but when she was bad she was rotten..."

La Garconne's "The Ensembles" No.3 hit my Inbox...and once again I am lusting over just about every item in the darned thing. Do these people not realize that I am trying to ignore temptation and be good?

The surprising thing (because, to be honest, my lusting over everything wasn't a massive shock) was that they managed to style Alexander Wang's ripped denim shorts in a way that I hadn't come across before. They looked luxe, but laidback...polished, yet still a little grungy...and, well, to cut a long story short...I now desperately want a pair. Thankfully a small portion of my sanity is in tact and is arguing (and pretty well I might add) that $285 is too much for denim shorts.

So now I have a quandary. Sitting in my closet...and gathering dust as I haven't actually worn them in a few years...are a pair of APC dark denim jeans that I believe I could get to resemble Wang's distressed shorts...with the help of a pair of scissors and some sand paper. However, I don't know if I can bring myself to cut up anything from APC...weak and pathetic I know...but I usually treat my APC purchases with kid gloves...the thought of attacking one with a blade makes me feel ill.

Hence this post, the big question...what should I do? Do I...

a) stop being a baby and just pick up the scissors?


b) see if I can snatch a pair of Mr. Heb's jeans without him noticing?



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  • miss milki said...
    6:20 AM
    oh Mr. Hebs without a doubt!
  • miss milki said...
    6:22 AM
    I think I forgot an apostrophe in my rush to stop you destroying a pair of APC jeans - don't cut up Mr. Hebs obviously, it wouldn't look too good - cut up his jeans.
  • enc said...
    10:00 AM
    B. Definitely, B!

  • hebden said...
    4:20 PM
    miss milki - that may be the best comment ever...made me laugh out loud on a day when it was desperately needed

    enc - thanks

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