“Such labored nothings, in so strange a style, Amaze th' unlearned, and make the learned smile” - Alexander Pope

I keep coming across articles that use the word "effortless" as a style description and it's beginning to irk me...possibly because of the dichotomy that, while I love it when things appear "effortless", I realize that a whole lot of "effort" was required to get to that state. I'm sure there are some people (possibly ones who have unicorns for pets or who have found a street that actually is paved with gold) who can fall out of bed, grab a few articles of clothing, and sally forth into the outside world looking absolutely amazing...I just haven't met any of them (of course, I never met Santa Claus either and I believed in him for quite a few years).

My main issue though is why is this lack of effort seen as such a good thing? It can't only be to assuage any feelings of guilt we may have over the perception of vanity...can it? A continuation of the reasoning behind saying "oh, this old thing" when someone compliments you on a brand new (and rather expensive) purchase. Or is it the implication that the person them self must be so stunningly good looking that they can throw any old crap on and still look fabulous? Whatever the reason, enough is enough...it's time for people to say "this took some time to put together but I'm rather happy with the result"...or, for those who like acronyms, EWE (Effortless With Effort)...self-help groups could form...and just think of the slogans we could use... "Don't be part of he herd, be EWE".Photobucket


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  • WendyB said...
    11:22 AM
    I'm with you, sister:
  • Sal said...
    1:07 PM
    I couldn't agree more. Vanity and self-care are such different creatures, yet they get lumped together so often. We spend time on appearance because we respect ourselves and care about our public personae. How is that something to be frowned upon? As for EWE, I get that it is a reaction to that "done to the nines" look, but agree that it shouldn't be used as a weapon against those who put in some E and aren't afraid to flaunt it.
  • editor said...
    2:16 PM
    now see, i just wrote the other day on tFS that unless someone is naked, they did make an effort.
    i think often "effortless" is misused when in fact "not-loaded-with-junky-accessories-and -transparently-desperate-label-worshipping" would probably be more accurate in describing a well-edited appearance.
    "not trying too hard" and "effortless" are not the same thing. sadly, many people don't seem to care about how they (mis)use words.
  • 5:00 PM
    I think seeming like one did not make an effort is often the goal.. as in not striving for something..being at easy... a nonchalant allure..

    But, it does actually take effort..hm
  • enc said...
    5:53 PM
    I'll never be in the "effortless" category, because I put too much thought into what I wear—even though I don't look it.

    I love that closing line: "Don't be part of the herd, be EWE".

    I think it's okay to admit we spent time on dressing. Why is it desirable to be deceitful about how much time we spent?

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