Button, button...who's got the button?

Once again, I left the house without my camera and suffered frustration at missing the opportunity to take a streetstyle picture. I obviously just need to attach it to myself on a string, like a child with its mittens. I blame the urge for co-ordination…if I didn’t try to frantically change handbags at the last minute each morning I’d have time to make sure that I’m actually carrying everything I need.

But to revert to the actual reason for the post…a girl got on the bus this morning wearing a double-breasted, red, vintage coat. So far, so good you say…but, what’s so special? Well, the majority of the gilt buttons on her coat were missing in action and, instead of replacing them with regular run-of-the-mill buttons, the girl had used various badges. The effect was striking…like little works of art spread out upon a bright red canvas. It cheered up my morning commute and made me want to dust off the badge-o-matic 2000.


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