Doe a deer, a female deer...Chanel, a bag I want to hurt

The back story...since I was a mere slip of a girl I've had a list...not exactly a dream list because I was confident that at some point the items on the list would be, let's say an "at some point I'm going to be able to afford this if it kills me" list. And, as I type this today, I'm rather surprised to be able to say that a good chunk of my list is crossed out...mainly due to some incredible feats of luck (and stalking) during sales; it's wonderful what three or four markdowns can do for an item's accessability. So, sales took care of the Lucien Pellat-Finet cashmere Mickey Mouse skull sweater and the Chanel jacket...okay, the Chanel cardigan jacket but at the price I got it for was I really going to be a stickler? The Hermes watch can probably be attributed to girlish enthusiasm...or temporary insanity...or something.

That removed most of the fiendishly expensive items on the list except...a Chanel bag. I want one but I want it so that I can mis-treat it. I want to stuff it full, throw it on the floor, generally abuse it in all possible way and then, when the poor thing can take no more, doodle on it or pin badges to it. It's premeditated bag-abuse, I admit it. The question they don't go on sale, can I put down that much money for something I want to trash? I went into the Chanel store on my way home today and, despite the overly enthusiastic sales assistants, I left after simply fondling a couple of the bags. Nothing caught my eye and begged to be taken home but, if it did, would I have had the courage/madness to carry out my plan? I can face the idea of Ramen Noodles for a few months to pay for the thing but will guilt stand in the way?

Stay tuned as I feel this will be an ongoing battle between the devil on one shoulder and the (slightly tarnished) angel on the other...


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