D (as in denim)-Day...Part 1

The "Big Blue Corporate Challenge" started with more of a whimper than a bang. I blame the clock change...it took 24 hours but my system finally realized it had been short changed one hour's sleep. The result was that at five-thirty this morning my inspiration was the cartoons that I wished I could lay in bed and watch.

And so...day one. The jacket is from APC, the polka-dot pussy-bow blouse is from H&M, jeans are Levis, the mouse shoes are by Marc Jacobs, and the extra 10lbs is an exceedingly bad camera angle. I realize that the term "pussy-bow blouse" has Margaret Thatcher style connotations (amongst others) but I like it...despite the strange glances that I get when I try to use it in polite conversation.


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