D-Day Deux

Day two of the work/denim conundrum dawned bright...actually very bright, as we were destined to hit 71 degrees later in the day. Which is lovely, and unexpected, at this time of year but means that the an outfit needs to work its way through a variety of temperatures. Add in the delights of an air-conditioning system in turmoil and multiple layers were indicated.

So, today's a mix...kind of beatnik with a little embellishment. Yet another APC coat, a black linen shirt from Uniqlo, striped sweater from APC, Gap jeans, and cut-out flats from Jones the Bootmaker...a vintage diamante button necklace from Club Monaco and a Miu Miu bag (the massive bag being a necessity to carry the layers as I shed them throughout the day).

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  • ma vie en rose said...
    9:33 AM
    Great outfit all around...that is one fantastic coat and I love the unusual color. And those shoes!
  • michelle said...
    9:55 AM
    Love the mix of patterns and colors - I'm really enjoying the D-day photos!
  • hebden said...
    7:58 PM
    Thanks to you both...I was slightly worried that the D day posts were narcissism taken to the nth degree.

    Side note: mver - I love your avatar!
  • ma vie en rose said...
    11:55 AM
    definitely not narcissism...I love seeing how other people put their outfits together. and thanks!
  • 4:01 PM
    I love all your D-day outfits so far. This is my favorite! The coat and the bag are absolutely great.

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