Truth in advertising?

I understand the need for spiel...actually, on occasion, I positively like spiel e-mail inbox was assaulted today with some advertising-speak that I couldn't let pass by...

Example number 1 - this email started with the lines "Banana Republic...Since you are one of our best customers, we thought you would like to know about Rachel Zoe's favorite sandals of the season at Piperlime."

Here are my issues:

1) I haven't bought anything at Banana Republic in over 9 if I qualify for "best customer" status it's not surprising they are having financial woes.
2) These may be Rachel Zoe's favorite sandals (maybe...just possibly), but they are certainly not mine.
3) The "tall wedge"...need I say more?

Example number 2 - quite frankly, I didn't get beyond the subject line...

Instant style? AND free shipping?


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