Saturday's child works hard for a living

Yesterday was one of those days where, however you looked at it, clothing-wise I just wasn’t going to win. I had to go into the office and, as my bleary eyes looked into my closet (6am on a Saturday is never good) I couldn’t face jeans. A smock dress from H&M and some ribbed leggings from Anthropologie seemed like an easy did the vintage scarf I added to keep out the morning chill.

So far, so good...then I got to work...and was greeted with “you’re very dressed up today”. Riddle me this, Batman. Why are tracksuit bottoms or jeans the only things that a certain segment of society wears on the weekend? Is it the urge to belong, to be part of a group? Or just laziness or lack of interest? Either way, why make it my problem? I’m trying not to sound bitter...I just don’t like being stared at like a sideshow freak because I’m not conforming to someone’s notion of what is acceptable. It makes me want to scream, “if you think this is unusual, you really need to get out more”.

Which brings us to...the afternoon... My husband picked me up from work; as he actually got to stay in bed and sleep this was the first time he’d seen me. And what comment was I greeted with? “That dress makes you look pregnant”. Oddly enough, this didn’t bother me (as much). Though, of course, no woman likes to be told she looks bigger than she is I class this under the “Men and Fashion” category. It’s acknowledged that deep down in their core, men will only get so far into “fashion”...pass that point and it’s every man for himself.

However, it is a little tough on a simple dress shouldn’t cause this much angst.


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  • estella said...
    2:54 PM
    and you look perfectly lovely anyway.
    just dropping by,
  • hebden said...
    4:42 PM
    hello yourself!

    and thank you...sometimes things are just too frustrating and you have to vent...

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