Inspiration from The Body

I spent some time this morning doing my chores (except it didn't really count as housework, though I suppose it fell under the general category of tidying up)...going through old magazines, disembowling them for the articles or pictures I wanted to keep, then moving the remains to the garbage can. Anyway, call it what you like, I was working my way through December's US Elle and I came across an article on Elle Macpherson. Towards the end of the piece she was discussing her inspiration for a set that she was using to show off a new lingerie line called Boudoir....

"This is a girl who is a rock 'n' roll chick. She lives with a boyfriend, or not, she's eclectic, she has records by the Beatles and Leonard Cohen. She washes her cashmere sweaters in the sink. She's not perfect. There should be stuff that's kind of messy, like a cheeseburger or some junk food. Think of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. She's not a hooker, but she's flossing her teeth. She does her nails in the loo. I don't want anything erotic. We go with the intellectual part. I want people to look at the odds and bods. She's a normal rock chick, not too trashy or dirty. Maybe there's sheet music, a violin or a cello, or a guitar."
"We've got a cello," Virginia said.
"I reckon a guitar might be sexier."
Grace and Virginia nodded and made mental notes: Find a guitar.

Six hours later, she returned to see how it had all worked out. Her assistant had taxied to the hotel with a Marilyn Monroe Warhol from Macpherson's collection. On the floor were copies of The Guardian, a Leonard Cohen album, some early Beatles. A Peter Scott cashmere sweater was soaking in the bathroom sink; recycling instructions were taped to the back of the toilet. In the closet was a pair of rocker-chickish thigh-high patent leather boots by Christian Louboutin; from Elle's own wardrobe, another Belstaf jacket and a pair of size 27 Juicy Couture jeans. Open on the bed was Chomsky's Hegemony or Survival, some sheet music, and a guitar.

From that description, I want to be a boudoir girl...


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