To dye for?

Every so often I’ll get a designer crush and, like most crushes, the object in question can do very little wrong in my eyes. Unfortunately this means that, blinded by my passion, I may buy something that will end up…unloved and unworn…at the back of the wardrobe.

So now, before buying something from one of my crushes, I try to take a step back and realistically assess if it’s puppy love or the real thing.

A good example is this tie-dye dress from APC. When their alert e-mail hit my Inbox my initial impulse was to run for my credit card, but then I looked a bit more closely…and got a vague inmate-at-the-asylum vibe. Then I started wondering if the ombre fabric was a good idea…do any of us really need a demarcation line across our midsection?

Now I’m torn…I don’t know if I’m second guessing myself or actually coming up with valid reasons not to buy the dress. My internal monologue is being conducted in raised voices…this madness must stop.


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    Keep it up.

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