Day 5…the end is nigh

It is with relief that I say “denim week is over”. Any excitement garnered from wearing jeans to work has evaporated; this morning I felt like a convict reaching for my orange jumpsuit. Does this mean that I’m just extremely jaded or is a fact that any kind of dress code becomes unappetizing after even a few days? If I have to wear something, the thrill is gone…

Today, as the culmination of casual we could also wear sweatshirts. Something that made a lot of people happy but left me cold. I like sweatshirts, but I like to wear them with something unexpected…jeans and a sweatshirt just seems dull, to me at least. Having said that, I was so tired this morning that I decided to go with the flow.

So, for Day 5…a ¾ sleeve lion’s head sweatshirt from APC, H&M plaid shirt, Joe’s jeans, and studded leather peep-toe flats from Anthropologie. The outer layer is a tweed coat from Benetton and striped APC scarf…because why stop with just one pattern?


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