As I seem to be starting off all of these posts with a synopsis of the day’s weather I may as well continue. We all knew that yesterday’s springtime temperatures were destined to be short lived and, sure enough, the weather forecasters predicted that today was one of those that starts good but goes downhill from there. Is there anything worse that knowing that the highpoint of the day is 5:30am?

Today’s theme was preppy punk. A vintage 80’s batwing argyle sweater from Benetton, ruffle collar Victorian blouse from H&M, Joe’s jeans, fishnets, vintage suede loafers and diamante skull earrings from H&M. My Built by Wendy trench and Harald scarf for when the cool breezes and showers hit and an LV Speedy with a Prada skull trick attached. It sounds strange but my Speedy is the cockroach of the bag world...it can get crushed, squished, and rained on...and it still looks good.

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