Inspiration on the bus

Talk about Murphy's Law...normally when I'm on the bus I don't see any outfits that I like but today, when I didn't have my camera, there were a couple of people whose outfits I would have loved to have photographed. So please bear with me while I try to adequately put them into words.

#1 - a girl in dark, skinny jeans and a loose, navy/white striped scoop-necked tunic with patch pockets on the front...a dark brown pebbled leather Chloe bag and what appeared to be marmalade colored Chloe heels. Thrown on top of this was a brown tweed coat in an oversized pattern. One of those outfits where all of the elements shouldn't have worked together but, by golly, they did.

#2 - an older pants, white shirt, rectangular black tie, black overcoat with an astrakan collar, and a black bowler hat. As I type this is sounds very dull and boring and normal but there was something about the man and the way he carried himself...


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