Brother, where art thou?

The search for a gold-toned winter bracelet continues...the next candidate...a mass of chains...courtesy of Giles & Brother. On the plus side, the dark chains mixed in with the brass...this is going to be a dark winter, my jewelry may as well reflect that fact. The downside? I'm nervous about the amount of noise...a jangle is fine but I don't want to sound like Marley's ghost everytime I move my arm.Photobucket


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  • 8:46 AM
    I normally wear a charm bracelet and a bangle on my left wrist, so I know what you mean about the Marley's ghost thing. But it's oddly comforting in a way, that sound. You might actually enjoy it. This bracelet is gorgeous.
  • enc said...
    4:08 PM
    It does look noisy, but it is very, very cool.
  • peakoilscotland said...
    7:49 AM
    Of course, the writer is completely fair.

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