Bludgeons for preventing the free expression of Beauty in new forms?

“The fact is, the public make use of the classics of a country as a means of checking the progress of Art. They degrade the classics into authorities. They use them as bludgeons for preventing the free expression of Beauty in new forms.” - Oscar Wilde

Whatever Oscar may have said, I've always had rather a soft spot for the classics of the clothing world...the trenches, blazers, and what-have-you that add a touch of familiar comfort to an outfit. And yet, at the same time, I get a childish thrill from finding a twisted classic...a mild version of which is this striped t-shirt. "Yet another striped t-shirt" as Mr. Heb would cry...rolling his eyes...throwing his hands in the air...and gazing accusingly at the massive pile of stripe-y shirts currently nestling in my closet.

Well, yes...and no...for while it is, undeniably, one more s.s. the addition of the band of lace adds a whole new element. And while my inner miser recoils from the $275 price tag attached to this particular shirt I do plan on creating a DIY version once I get my hands on some lace.



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