“Ours is the age of substitutes: instead of language, we have jargon: instead of principles, slogans: and, instead of genuine ideas, bright ideas” *

I'm always torn when I happen across the cheapo knock-off version of something (usually considerably more expensive) that I've had my eye on...my frugal side is dancing a jig...but I can't help but feel bad for the designer who came up with the original (and generally much nicer) concept.

Case in point...Katherine Sturgis' bracelets which, with their sterling silver chains, hand-painted leather, and vintage rhinestones, strike me as spiffy versions of the humble friendship bracelet...


Compare these with the (several hundred dollars) cheaper versions from Free People...


All of which begs the question, what price "friendship"?

* - today's quote is courtesy of Eric Bentley


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