“Don't marry a man to reform him--that's what reform schools are for.” - Mae West

I always feel slightly "schoolgirl" in this dress...not in a naughty kind of way...more "oh look, I found my old uniform in the closet". Having said that, it's one of my favorites...easy to wear and, dare I say, classic. Plus, it's much nicer than the grey, mustard, and maroon that I actually had to wear to school...


Plaid dress - Gap, jacket - Martin Margiela, skull necklace - Chloe, pin - APC, handbag - Mayle, shoes - Gentle Souls


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  • WendyB said...
    11:46 PM
    Nah, if you want to feel schoolgirl-ish you need THIS skirt:
  • Madelene said...
    12:42 AM
    I wish we had a Gap in Sweden. They seem to have some lovely stuff lately.. I was obsessed with the Pierre Hardy sandals last year.

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