"...the Sensitive Plant which could give small fruit..."

"But the Sensitive Plant which could give small fruit
Of the love which it felt from the leaf to the root,
Received more than all, it loved more than ever,
Where none wanted but it, could belong to the giver,"
- Percy Bysshe Shelley

Last year's experiment with an indoor herb garden having worked rather well...oh, alright, everything died in the end...but they did last all summer...and worked out a lot cheaper than buying those plastic packets of "fresh" herbs from the supermarket. Anyway...as last year's effort was a (partial) success...I decided to step up my gardening this year...so, in addition to parsley and rosemary, I've added a tomato plant to my window box. Whether, realistically, I'll see even one tomato from this experiment...or if the plant will commit suicide long beforehand...waits to be seen...


Rather infuriatingly Mr. Heb...who, it turns out, has a much greener thumb than I...has leapt several rungs up the ladder of one-upsmanship by buying a terrarium and installing a cro-magnon looking shrub in it. It's incredibly beautiful...in a Victorian Gothic kind of way...but is just the thing to give a poor little fruit bearing plant an inferiority complex.



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