"How totally embarassing... How will I ever explain to my friends why I have TIRE TRACKS DOWN MY BACK?!" - Sailor Moon

To me, this shirt evokes images of Victorian children on trips to the seaside...a friend, however, described it as "hipster Sailor Moon"...let's just split the difference and call it classical, yet funky, shall we?


Sailor top - United Bamboo, skirt - H&M, rope bracelet - Club Monaco, Mary Janes - Gentle Souls


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  • ~Tessa~Scoffs said...
    7:40 PM
    I often wonder how you come up with your daily quotations. You are alarmingly well-read and quite (shall I say) egalitarian in your choices. Needless to say, I love where you're coming from!
  • Hebden said...
    12:30 PM
    Thanks for the kind words Tessa!

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