"Many talked about a skull in a glass case by the front door that they call Geronimo." - Alexandra Robbins


I admit that I have a slight fascination with skulls...actually given the number of times I've mentioned them here it would be impossible to deny it...but I thought that the one place that I would be safe from spotting anything skull-related to lust over would have been the liquor store. Yet, when I popped in to pick up a bottle of Tio Pepe sherry (egad, I have drinking habits that rival Miss Marple) I noticed something unusual in the vodka aisle.

After I returned home (and was safely ensconced with a glass of the nutty nectar at my elbow)...I began wandering aimlessly around the internet...and came across some pictures of Julia Restoin-Roitfeld's apartment. There, on a marble table, was a not dis-similar crystal skull...well, apart from the hole in the top and the libidinous liquor sloshing around inside.

More disturbing than this six degrees of skull separation was the ad that I found for the alco-skull, aka Crystal Head vodka. Personally I couldn't make it through the whole thing...being too weirded out by the concept of Dan Aykroyd trying to sell me Canadian vodka whilst using phrases like "positive projections" and "common universality"...I believe he also referenced aliens, ghosts, and mystical powers, but I may have been hallucinating by that point...


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    it´s so original!!!!!!!!!!

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