"The devil dances in an empty pocket" - proverb

I hate to say it but...Guardian...we really need to talk. When Jess Cartner-Morley did a video on how to wear denim skirts I could sort of get behind it (she partnered it with a striped top and, as this is one of my favorite combos, who was I to argue?)...when she did 2 minutes and 36 seconds of in-depth reportage on how to wear slogan t-shirts I could fondly reminisce (and think of the pile of vintage Katherine Hamnett sitting in my closet)...but, this week, you hit a low when you tried to eek out a video on the profound topic..."How to dress: Dresses with pockets".

Much as I love a D.W.P. (or its abbreviated cousin the Skirt With Pocket) do we really need a video on this topic? Is there anybody who needs to be told that a D.W.P. are great because they allow you to...um...put your hands in your pockets? What's next, "Pants...they're cool because they cover your legs on those days when you're feeling grotty"? The most depressing part of this is that I'm drawn to these videos like a moth to a flame...or a voyeur near the scene of an accident...I want to look away, but I can't.


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