“Words are the dress of thoughts; which should no more be presented in rags, tatters, and dirt than your person should” - Lord Chesterfield

I really shouldn't be as excited as I (rather sadly) am when I find myself confronted by a drizzly, cool, July day...the urge to go for long walks and splash through puddles runs rampant within me...more so because the temperatures are set to rise back into the loathsome 80's and 90's starting tomorrow. The thing is though...however much I welcome the rain...I loathe wearing pants during a cloud-burst...even a "sensible" (i.e. non-splashy) walker ends up with an inch of soggy trouser cuff after a couple of blocks...and the feeling of rising damp when you eventually make your way indoors is depressing...dresses, in my mind, have always seemed a much more utilitarian option.


Plaid dress - Gap, neckpiece - made by me, ankle boots - APC


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  • Cruz said...
    7:15 PM
    That blue jewel neck piece is so cool!
  • site said...
    9:19 AM
    I consider everyone must read this.

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