"It is light, comfortable, grotesque, and deceives the enemy..."

"Even Mr. Chamberlain himself takes pride in England's honorable uniform, and makes the army down there wear an ugly and odious and appropriate disguise, of yellow stuff such as quarantine flags are made of, and which are hoisted to warn the healthy away from unclean disease and repulsive death. This cloth is called khaki. We could adopt it. It is light, comfortable, grotesque, and deceives the enemy, for he cannot conceive of a soldier being concealed in it."

"To the Person Sitting in Darkness" - Mark Twain (decidedly not a fan of khaki)

In the normal course of events I would be right behind Mr. Twain in my loathing of "the khaki"...probably a result of all those years of having to work with the constraints of corporate summer dress codes...codes which seemed to think that warm weather clothing began and ended with khakis (pressed) and a polo shirt (presumably Ralph Lauren and laundered to within an inch of its life).

This particular pair, however, are the non-khaki...Japanese...high-waisted...with comfortingly Humpty-Dumpty dimensions. Not the most flattering pants in the world but (much as it pains me to say it) perfect for warm weather working...

Ribbon top - United Bamboo, pants - Junya Watanabe, checkered flats - Old Navy


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