“It is odd but agitation or contest of any kind gives a rebound to my spirits and sets me up for a time.” - Lord Byron

If the past few days have shown anything, outfit-wise, it's that I have an inescapable love of denim (be it Levis, Gap, Joe's, or Citizens of Humanity denim). That being the case what better contest prize could there be than a pair of Current Elliott Jeans? That's right...someone is going to win a pair of distressed, loved, $229 jeans...courtesy of the lovely folks at chickdowntown.com (Twitter/Facebook).

The rules are virtually non-existent...you need to be a U.S. resident (apologies to everyone else, I know that I have a lot of readers from outside the States)...that's it. Just leave a comment containing your email address...on July 14th I'll put all the entries in a hat and select the winner.


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  • WendyB said...
    8:32 AM
    These giveaways by chickdowntown of Current/Elliot are starting to torment me. They're so pervasive and I'm not sure I get the business strategy.
  • Hebden said...
    9:52 AM
    As to the strategy...not sure. I just have a childish love of giving away nice freebies...oh, and pressing colored buttons...LOVE pressing flashing, colored, buttons...
  • Katherine said...
    10:17 AM
    waleckak (at) gmail (dot) com
  • Megan said...
    11:28 AM
    Cute boyfriend jeans! I love the giveaways. Keep 'em coming!
  • Eliza said...
    11:54 AM
    I love love love these jeans...I've been dying to buy a pair for a while, but can't scrape up the money. Hope I win!

  • Alyse said...
    1:32 PM
    I've been dying for some Current/Elliott denim

  • valerie said...
    2:02 PM
    Who doesn't love free jeans! I would love to win these, I love Current/Elliot! Pick me!
  • . said...
    7:19 PM
    carelessly7 (at) gmail (dot) com

    i've been drooling over this look!
  • Thymiane said...
    10:51 PM
    I'm interested. I've been eyeing those. thymiane (at) gmail (dot) com
  • cait said...
    11:08 PM
    please, please, please let the hat draw me!

  • Diane said...
    9:14 AM
    I love these jeans! What a great giveaway! naretto897@hotmail.com
  • Estelle Tran said...
    3:16 PM
    I'd love to wear these jeans. They look so comfortable! :)
  • K8 said...
    3:32 PM
    I totally get what you're saying WendyB. Its definitely a way of getting attention. Who doesn't like free stuff? But you're right about it being pervasive, they've taken the giveaways to pretty much the entire fashion blogosphere.
  • t said...
    5:43 PM
    I completely empathize with your obsession!! I can think of worse things to be occupied with...
    And I do NOT own C&E! Pick me! Pretty please?

  • Becca said...
    6:36 PM
    I figure the more giveaways, the better chance we all have to win some free jeans! I love Current/Elliott!
  • steph said...
    4:55 PM
    Free jeans, great. Free Current/Elliot jeans, excellent!!

  • rumibean said...
    7:44 PM
    wow...what a nice giveaway!

  • Mario said...
    3:38 PM
    AH! Count me in I love current & elliot : )
  • Anonymous said...
    8:38 AM
    I didn't know what boyfriend jeans were...so thanks for the education and yes I'll take the jeans to sell on eBay.

  • Christie said...
    8:47 AM
    I'd love to have 'em!

  • Bill said...
    8:55 AM
    If these jeans are delivered to Springshine Farm, they will be released under a special free range jean program. At each border crossing the label will be scanned so a unit of Farmland Security can track and analyze their migration, making an important contribution to our understanding of these gentle but deadly threads.
  • nevermind said...
    9:31 PM
    I am not a cheap bastard who just wants a free pair of jeans-- I read this blog all the time but i just never comment!
    And I also want a free pair of jeans!
  • nevermind said...
    9:32 PM
    oh-- email address: lawlessone@gmail.com
  • VagaBond Nyc said...
    4:39 PM
    Love this blog, loving the new look! XXX

  • Anonymous said...
    6:42 AM

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