“Victory and defeat are each of the same price.” - Thomas Jefferson

Everytime I purge my list of "places to check in case I find a deal" I find myself regretting the impulse. Case in point...I'd somewhat removed Gilt Groupe from my shopping radar...their clothing was heavily reduced but as the items were rarely anything that I'd have bought at full price the exercise of checking their site seemed a little redundant. Thankfully I was bored one day...I hadn't realized that they sold beauty products...and on the afternoon I visited they featured Dr. Hauschka's botanic (and organic) lotions and potions. Body oils and face care products were reduced by at least 50%...and I'm a girl who likes (rather expensive) goop.

The "haul" arrived yesterday...lemon body oil...rosemary body oil...and a face care kit...for a total cash outlay of $5 (I had a couple of referral bonuses waiting to be used). Which means my p.t.c.i.c.i.f.a.d. list remains agonizingly long...and I feel compelled to check all of the entries because, in this case, I really did find a deal.



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