“It may well be doubted whether human ingenuity can construct an enigma... which human ingenuity may not, by proper application, resolve.” - Poe

When the email hit my Inbox announcing Net-a-Porter’s iPhone application I have to admit that I uttered a little groan. “Oh no”, cried my frugal inner voice (the one that tries to dissuade me from impulse purchases and other financial outlays that I will come to regret in the, not so distant, future), “do I really need to be able to buy $600 suede shoes or a $1,650 flannel dress when I’m sitting on the bus...waiting in line at the post office...or performing any other activity that requires a time-wasting activity (like my usual fallback options...staring blankly into space whilst listening to music or reading a book...both satisfyingly frugal pastimes)?”

The answer that even my conspicuous consumer inner voice (the one that considers shopping as a hobby) had to give was “no”.

No one really needs this app...but (like most things that you don't actually need) it's kind of fun. The images are small...but not too small to see the detail of the clothes...the overall look is pretty slick...and, after some random button pressing to see what's hiding where, it's easy to maneuver around in. Though, thanks to the aforementioned random clicking, I did discover that if you click on the shopping bag icon without actually, you know, "shopping" the following message appears..."Unfortunately your shopping bag is empty".

It's subtle...but your wrist has been slapped...you know you made some social gaffe...like using the salad fork to prong your fillet mignon...a faux pas that should be remedied immediately...by buying something.


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