“We (Greeks) are lovers of the beautiful, yet simple in our tastes, and we cultivate the mind without loss of manliness” - Thucydides

In the "cost per wearing" stakes I think that, at this point, Balenciaga owes me money for this bag. Hyperbole...or, as the ancient Greeks used to say, ὑπερβολή? Well, yes...but, bought on sale, this bag is the ultimate travel-errand running-God I need to carry a lot of stuff but actually have to be able to find things relatively quickly tote.

It actually keeps me organized...no small feat considering the usual morass of junk lurking in my handbag (when the ink on a receipt has faded to the point that it can no longer be read you have been carrying it around for way too long). When the day finally comes and we're forced to part ways...hopefully not for a long time but the leather is actually fading in patches so I'm forced to admit it will happen...there will be a tear in my eye...

"RIP YSL" t-shirt - Blood Is The New Black, cotton cardigan - Fred Perry, wide-legged jeans - Rag & Bone, hi-tops - Converse, bag - Balenciaga


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  • t said...
    5:39 PM
    That bag...όμορφος! Seriously!!
    Love the new re-design!
  • dust said...
    1:01 PM
    Is it fading like loosing its color or it's smth else? If that's what it is, then buying a bottle of penetrating leather dye at your local shoemaker shop is what you need to do. It's smelly but does magic.
  • Hebden said...
    8:09 PM
    t - as I said before, thanks...

    dust - there's a patchy color loss happening around the edges...part of me likes it (as it's a remembrance of all the good times bag and I have had together)...part of me hates it (for reasons already mentioned). I appreciate the suggestion but would never dye it (for basically the same reasons that I would never resort to plastic surgery).
  • dust said...
    8:50 AM
    Oh dear, this is more like corrector stick application compared to plastic surgery. I do that stuff all the time, but not to make something look better, but to make things last longer.
    "Mending is bending" doesn't do it for me, I love the stuff I have and wish it could last forever.
    I enjoy your quotes, excellent work!

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