“When I first met Mick he wore jeans and those Seventies ribbed, tight T-shirts, and I absolutely loved that look." - Jerry Hall

As much as I love the seventies feel of these wide-legged jeans they're one of those pieces that are irritatingly hard to find anything to wear with...t-shirts (especially tighter ones) can be a little too "Three's Company" for my tastes...and other combinations can veer terribly close to skateboarder chic...

Then it occurs to me...something that is supposed to be a 'basic' has suddenly become a lot of work...

Wide-legged jeans - Rag & Bone, plaid shirt - Ralph Lauren, bag - vintage Hermes, hi-tops - Converse


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  • nevermind said...
    10:55 PM
    I too am a fan of the wide-leg seventies jeans, as long as they are high-waisted, and I have a formula that works and that I will now share with you (yes, lucky you).
    A tight-fitting top with these pants looks too Jackson Five/ Famous Five, and a loose stop looks too pre-school teacher-ish. Best bet is to THINK ANNIE HALL-- wear with tailored shirts and blouses, appropriately vintage-inspired, either tucked in, or somewhat cropped, but at least short enough to show off the high waist and elongate the silohuette. If self-conscious of tummy, wear a longer top BUT WITH A BELT at the waist (you still get the elongation effect that way), or a well-fitted blazer, a la Annie.
    But don't do the smock thing-- not unless you're going finger-painting with five year olds
    If you don't like the short top

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