“The first man to compare the cheeks of a young woman to a rose was obviously a poet; the first to repeat it was possibly an idiot” - Salvador Dali

Last week was rather hectic...so it wasn’t until the weekend that I had the chance to sit down and mull over Gold Sphere’s comment on my tweed versus leopard coat post..."you already have a great leopard coat", she wrote...and, I have to admit, I do...vintage, 1980's, voluminous, plush, Emporio Armani...an amazing combination of cute and utilitarian in sub-zero windchills.

But...irrationally...even though I own the aforementioned lc...it didn't fit my current ideal (slim, printed or very little nap, femme fatale)...and was therefore passed over in my thinking. Realistically I knew it existed...I just didn't want to admit the fact to myself. Which is why GS's comment struck such a cord...there's always that elusive search for something that is close to what you own, yet slightly different. I suppose it's why some people end up with fifty pairs of jeans...or dozens of almost-identical t-shirts...or, in my case, a little bit of everything. There's the hunt for perfection...and there's the "I'll buy it now because it's close to what I want"...and much as I try to aim for the former I generally find myself veering wildly, like a drunk driver, towards the latter.

I'm getting better...thanks, in part, to taking the time to write own my wants, needs, and desires in this blog...but it's obviously something that is, you could say, a work in progress. Which means the leopard (a new leopard) has been removed from the coat wish list...and "something leopard" has been added to my clothing/accessories wish lists...an example of identifying the want...but buying it in a form that isn't currently lurking in my closet.


Pieter Bruegel the Elder - The Seven Deadly Sins - Avarice


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