"There is only one basic human right..."

"There is only one basic human right, the right to do as you damn well please. And with it comes the only basic human duty, the duty to take the consequences." - unknown

In general I find it difficult to go into raptures about "basics"...rationally I know that they're necessary...but, by definition, they're generally not terribly exciting and after buying them I'm left with a dissatisfied feeling (like buying milk instead of champagne, you know it's on the weekly grocery list but you'd rather save your pennies for a bottle of fizz). However, Acne's Sprait top counts as a basic that I can get excited about...a t-shirt-sweater-anti-twin-set in cashmere and silk...black with a nice mix of textures.

And, music to the ears of a basics cheapskate like myself, I managed to track it down online for 70% off. I've said it before (and, gosh darn it, I'll say it again)...if you find something you love, do yourself a favor and take ten minutes and search for it on Google to see who has the best price...I found the Sprait top on sale in several online stores...but the discounts ranged from 30-50%...which just wasn't enough (in my mind) to seal the deal...70% though was, basically, perfect.



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