"If at first you don't succeed, Mr. Kidd"..."Try, try again, Mr. Wint."

I know that I haven't talked about many lower priced pieces lately...trust me, I was cursing the fact that everything that caught my eye was ruinously expensive too...then I found a little something on etsy...it was shiny...unusual...and five dollars and fifty cents.

And...though it's technically a "sign of the zodiac" ring...it immediately brought to mind the scene in Diamonds Are Forever where Mr. Wint puts a scorpion down the back of the diamond smuggling South African dentist...takes Mr. Kidd's hand...and strolls off into the desert.

Yes...I watch too many Sean Connery movies...and yes...I am this pale in August. The seller that I got this from has several other zodiac rings for sale...including some that weren't listed when I bought mine (darn it, now I want the lion's head as well)...if you want a cheap thrill, take a look.



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