"...a small black and white relative of the lemming..."

"The vermine is a small black and white relative of the lemming, found in the cold Hublandish regions. Its skin is rare and highly valued, especially by the vermine itself; the selfish little bastard will do anything rather than let go of it." - Terry Pratchett

What "comes before a fall"...pride or Chloe boots? I ask because...having managed the inch or so of heel attached to my Russell & Bromley ankle boots...I am recklessly envisioning a future which includes Chloe's zipped and buckled beauties (and their three and a half inch or so heels). Realistically I know that after a few steps I'd topple over like a reluctant lemming going over a cliff...but I can't help but feel that, on the upside, I'd look pretty good as I went down...



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