"See what perils do environ those who meddle with hot iron" - John Galsworthy

The thing that I like about today's quote is that by pronouncing 'environ' in just the right way you can manage to get 'iron on' to work with the rhythm of the sentence (egad, I need to get out more). Not that I'm suggesting that Galsworthy spent much time considering the humble iron on...though somewhat surprisingly, as I always thought of them as something quintessentially 1970's, they were actually invented about 100 years earlier...so, in theory at least, Galsworthy could have spent the odd moment pondering their beauty...just as I'm currently doing with these quaint, naive, muted examples from Sukie.



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  • *gemmifer* said...
    8:12 PM
    For ages I've been dreaming of all the things I could embellish with these iron-ons... totes... tees...
    I guess I'll soon have to make the dream a reality.

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