Choo on this!

Probably because I am not a heels girl...except in a day-dreamy way when I try and ignore the fact that I was born without a sense of balance...I've never really drooled over the idea of owning a pair of Jimmy Choo's...the name conjuring up (in my mind at least) visions of vertiginous limo shoes, the occasional trophy wife, and little else.

Then I happened upon these ballerinas...punk-y studs..."sensible", i.e. comfortable, rubber soles...thoroughly un-Choo like...and completely adorable. Let the drooling begin!


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  • enc said...
    12:56 PM
    I'm with you, I love those, mostly because they're flats.

    I have a pair of Choo stiletto slingbacks, and they're very well-balanced. I'm telling you this in case you ever feel the pull of heels: Choose Choos. They're easier to walk in than many heels.
  • Amber said...
    4:15 PM
    I'm afraid I have nothing nice to say about those shoes.
  • link said...
    7:09 AM
    This can't have effect in actual fact, that is exactly what I consider.

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