“Some people are born to lift heavy weights, some are born to juggle golden balls.” - Max Beerbohm

I have a feeling that the title of this post may result in hits from some random Googlers who aren't looking for jewelry...but I can't resist a Max Beerbohm quote...and I may have a similar lack of resistance when it comes to this scattered boule necklace.

I get a very old lady vibe from this piece...but not the creepy cat loving type...more the "I've lived an incredibly lush life, I still wear fabulous clothes, and yes, I will have another martini" kind. Or, to be more precise, it makes me think of my grandmother...is there any better reason to get one?


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  • enc said...
    1:09 PM
    No better reason at all. I love things that remind me of my grandmother.

    This is a really nice piece.
  • Deja Pseu said...
    12:25 PM
    I love that kind of lust-for-life old lady vibe as well. And what a great necklace. JCrew has really been putting out some great accessories lately.

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