Walk into the light...

Having stared at an ugly combination ceiling fan/light fixture in my dining room for an embarrassing number of...um...years, I am thrilled that a vintage Italian Murano glass pendant light is winging its way to the Hebden household.

Why did it take this long? Multiple reasons...including the fact that, for once, Mr. Heb and I were unable to agree on what we were looking for...but, also, because although I can talk myself into virtually any fashion-related purchase I am alarmingly reluctant to lay down cash when it comes to household purchases (there's always a small voice in my head telling me how many dresses, shoes, and bags said h.p. equates to).


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  • Ming said...
    9:56 AM
    Oh that is a beautiful light. The glass is very organic looking. What era is it?
  • 2:04 PM
    That is one cool lighting fixture
  • enc said...
    5:00 PM
    I'm the same. I've had an ugly old light fixture in my entry for years. Then I ordered a new one. Trouble is, I have no way to hang/install it!

    I'll spend anything on fashion, nothing on my home.
  • editor said...
    9:36 PM
    absolutely, clothing money is to be spent on home decor only as a very very last resort.

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