Imitation...the sincerest form of flattery?

As someone who can, on occasion, be quite catty I was somewhat amused by The Catorialist...a blog which gently mocks/pays homage to (depending upon your viewpoint)...The Sartorialist. As you probably guessed, the streetstyle in this instance is feline...the wit, completely human...the end result, strangely addictive.



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  • enc said...
    1:06 PM
    Haw haw, this is great!
  • this is FCKiNG awesome
  • Modelizer said...
    12:27 PM
    I think it's amazing how everyone kind of discovered at once and is helping making it a huge hit. I also think it shows that his style is really easy to copy if you just have the right lens.
  • kpriss said...
    7:26 AM
    I'm kinda puzzled. For one I think it's an unearned contribution to the fame of the sartorialist. Then again, it's so refreshing to see someone not taking the "-rialist" theme too serious!
  • 6:25 PM

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