“The English never smash in a face. They merely refrain from asking it to dinner.” - Margaret Halsey

Completely random...and perhaps brought about by the fact that I just sat through Rambo (thank you Netflix for saving me the cost of a movie ticket...now if I could just figure out how to get that hour and thirty-three minutes of my life back)...the "Anger Release Machine" from the Swiss and Danish artist duo of Ronnie Yarisal and Katja Kublitz.

Insert a coin. Select the piece of china you want to destroy. Then watch it crash.

Of course...when I think about it...this could have nothing to do with Rambo and everything to do with my great-grandfather (who was, by all accounts, a bit of a plate smasher...especially when he didn't appreciate that day's menu selection).



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  • enc said...
    10:04 AM
    This is most amusing!
  • Amber said...
    4:13 PM
    This is actually nothing new. I remember I heard about this new "trend" when I was in the forth grade (let's not count the years). It actually began in Japan, and they called them "smashing rooms".

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