Shuella de Ville?

Let me start off by saying that I have an unhealthy fetish with trying to keep my feet dry on a rainy day. The classic wellington boot sends me into raptures of delight...a rubber shoe can make my day...and even a pair of galoshes, with their "I'm rocking the little old lady going to get her groceries" vibe can give me a thrill.

I have, however, stumbled across a variation on this theme which leaves me cold...namely Shuella, aka "your shoe umbrella"...a galosh variation designed to be worn over heels.

These confuse me on so many levels...predominantly, I have to say, from an aesthetic standpoint but, also, from a utilitarian one. I admit I have no sense of balance but, to me, walking in heels is hard enough, walking in heels wrapped in a rubber bag seems like sheer (possibly suicidal) folly.



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  • WendyB said...
    7:49 AM
    Seems dangerous to me.
  • enc said...
    10:31 AM
    I wouldn't try it!
  • Anonymous said...
    7:47 PM
    Walk in them all the time. It is just like wearing your shoes.

    Really an amazing design!
  • K.Line said...
    8:03 PM
    Love the title of this post. You know, for dry feet I might give it a go. How dangerous could it be? Or, more to the point, how expensive is the experiment?
  • Anonymous said...
    10:20 PM
    Once you wear them you will be hooked. It is like someone gave you an umbrella for the first time in a down pour!

    So convenient just in case....

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