All dressed up and no place to go...

I have a small problem. Well, to be precise, I have about 250 small problems and they have finally combined to one large problem. What are all these items you ask? The sad fact is...they're magazines. The even sadder fact is that I'm actually pretty good about culling the herd. If a magazine only has a few images or articles that are "keepers" I cut them out and paste them into one of my idea books.

The issue occurs when the magazine itself is so full of goodies that it becomes a must-keep item. Add to that the cost of foreign magazines...once you've spent the requisite amount on the latest issue of French Vogue, Jalouse, or Lula it's difficult to throw it in the trash once you've read it.

My previous storage system (laying the magazines flat on my bookcase) has failed...I've run out of shelves or places to put another bookcase...and my husband is pleading / asking / cajoling / protesting that some form of storage is found. Apparently piles of magazines growing like stalagmites from the floor is not his idea of neat and tidy.

I've been searching but haven't found any good solutions so I'm asking for help. Where do you keep your fashion bibles?


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  • teenfashionista said...
    1:41 AM
    I have an idea! All of the fashion magazine collectors and purveyors can come together to create a comprehensive fashion magazine library. It would be a destination for fashion and magazine lovers across the world.

    I can only wish. As we speak, my parents are begging me to do something with my mag collection that I have conveniently left at home in a safe, sturdy set of bookcases. Humph.
  • archer said...
    12:55 PM
    What I do though can end up being a bit expensive I suppose is this: I cut each page that I want to keep with an exacto knife, even if I want basically every page of the magazine, and then put the pages in those sheet protector things and then it all goes into a three ring binder. You can organize the pages however you want. Mine are in broad categories like "fashion", "beauty", "health",etc. For me this is much easier because I am still in school and my dorm room I feel is in serious violation of fire codes seeing as how it is just a bit bigger than my closet at home.

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