Vintage A-peel

Everyone seems to be talking about Topshop's latest foray, the launch of their Archive collection of vintage pieces...available online as of today. On the collection overall I'm not going to say much...except, gosh it's expensive. The number of people who can, or will, spend this much money on vintage clothing without being able to actually touch or try the pieces on may be severely limited...but good luck to them on this, their next step towards world domination.

The one thing that really made my day about the pieces on offer though was the inclusion of Jean Varon, who is best known as the designer of Emma Peel's wardrobe for the second half of the 1965-66 season. As a massive Avengers fan in general, and a besotted Emma Peel fan in particular, the thought of owning something by Varon is very tempting. Not tempting enough to brave the horrendous pound to dollar exchange rate unfortunately but still, very tempting.

Iris Print Maxi Dress by Jean VaronJean Varon Geo Shirt DressCrazy Print Maxi Dress by Jean Varon


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