Bang She Bang

Thank you New York Times for pulling together some advice for the bang lovers amongst us. Their article suggests a Beuy Pro fiberglass comb, Malin and Goetz peppermint shampoo, and a little bit of baby powder or a Bumble and Bumble spray-on hair powder at the roots. As my fringe issue is frizz related (and the situation's getting desperate in the heat and humidity of summer) I was happy to learn that spray-on wax would help me out. I know, I hairdresser could probably have given me this information...if only I didn't hate getting my hair cut to such a degree that I sit in silence during the entire process.

In fact, the only depressing part of the entire article was that a "good fringe is about commitment and maintenance"...two words which do not fit into my regular haircare vocabulary of "easy", "fast", and "but it's supposed to look this messy".


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