The Sun King...and the painted old Queen

I’d told myself I wasn’t going to write about the Dior haute couture show at Versailles. It was a dream location but I’m not a Dior fan and I was working on the premise of "if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all”. Then I saw the pictures and silence was no longer an option. I’m not going to touch on the clothes because to me they were typical Galliano; to be considered as art, perhaps, but not to be thought of as actual clothing.

No, it was the make-up that really caught my eye (if you’ll pardon the expression) because, with all that powder and paint, even the models didn’t look good. I don’t mean that is in the eye of the beholder and all that jazz...I mean that every line, wrinkle, blemish, etc was magnified by the caked-on layers of spackle. It was like watching a parade of very old drag queens.

All in all, I found it depressing. It would have been incredible to see the 80's supermodels and the younger counterparts on the same catwalk looking beautiful, regardless of age...sadly that didn't happen.


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  • Queen Michelle said...
    3:36 AM
    Oh my god! What have they done to the beautiful Amber??
    I have to say, I did a photoshoot once and the makeup artist piled on all this makeup on me and I swear to god she gave me wrinkles I didn't even have!!! I mean, iridescent powder on someone with oily skin!!? Hello! I looked liked you could fry eggs on my face. Too terrible.

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