“Professor, what's another word for pirate treasure?”

“Why I think it’s booty.” Or, as the Beastie Boys didn’t say, “Why I think it’s corporate gift certificates”. Yes, another work-related bonus has come by way and though I feel like I'm selling my soul to the devil when I get one of these things it's not going to stop me spending it. So the big question is...what on?

The certificates are of the variety where you go to one central website and then decide which "fabulous" retailers you would like the actual certificates from. The only problem is that, in the main, the majority aren't that fabulous...more frumpy. Previously I've cashed in at Amazon and my haul has been comprised of books and DVDs and just as I was maneuvering my mouse to do that again I noticed that J Crew was one of the selections.

I'm not a huge J Crew shopper but I thought I'd take a look, and now I'm on the horns of a dilemma. Do I choose one of the clothing options...the cartoon-ish star skirt, the vaguely Hermes orange cashmere cardigan, or the lobster print dress (love the shape, not too sure about the quantity of lobsters)...or do I think ahead to those long winter nights and stock up on Charlie Chan and Mission Impossible box sets?


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  • elizabeth said...
    9:24 AM
    Not sure if you've used your certificate yet, but also peruse the sale section--I just picked up one of their silk dresses--the "Avery" short in black--for 50% off...
  • hebden said...
    8:31 PM
    I haven't, I'm being very indecisive. ..

    I'll check out the sale section though and see if it pushes me to make a decision.
  • Libertygirl said...
    5:44 PM
    oooh. I ADORE the orange cardigan. In fact that's jumped straight to the top of my must have list. Thanks for the heads up on the shoes BTW. Am I ever cursing myself for not buying them at cost?!

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