Once bitten, twice shy

Every so often I feel the need to do a Public Service Announcement...and this is just such a time. The makers of the ugliest footwear ever created (yes, the Croc) have decided to launch a new line this Fall called "YOU by Crocs". I imagine that they realized that there are just some months where it's impractical to wear plastic clogs...and for those non-Croc moments YOU (sorry, they capitalized it and I couldn't resist) can add to your Croc family with the styles below.

The thing that really struck me from all this, however, was a quote from their site..."It is our goal to make you care about how your shoes look"...so, a change in philosophy from the aforementioned Croc then?


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  • Queen Michelle said...
    10:49 AM
    Crocs are the scourge of my LIFE!! I see them on people's feet and I want to drag the person into a shoe shop and buy them some proper shoes!

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