On Pointe

As I've said, time and again, I am a die-hard flat shoe girl. And, as a f.s.g., I've lusted after Repetto's ballet shoes for quite some time but, as the consensus seems to be that they run small and my only option is to buy them online, I've yet to add a pair to my shoe collection.

However, as of September 1st, another option will pop-up...quite literally...when Repetto opens a 90-day store-within-a-store at Earnest Cut & Sewn's in New York. And what a plethora of choice there will be; with over 70 styles in 350 different finishes...exclusive styles...and one-off artist-signed Repettos.

What more could a f.s.g. ask for...apart from a plane ticket to New York, of course?


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  • teenfashionista said...
    10:19 AM
    Simply gorgeous!

    As an avid f.s.g., there is just something so flawless about Repettos. Swoon!

    Hope you can make it to the store-in-the-store. Then you can blog all about and I can live vicariously through you. ;)

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