Made In England

As a transplanted Brit who's lived in a couple of different countries I've come to appreciate the pro's and con's of being an expat. These range from the small...for every new food you get to try there's always a part of you hankering for some fish and chips or a spree in an M&S food the large...the opportunity to experience different cultures is wonderful but you will always be an outsider, a voyeur who is never fully part of the overall picture.

There's also the strange fear of losing your national identity...the part of you that makes you British...or French...or German. My main regret is that my accent is diminishing; in Britain I am told I sound American but in the States I am told I sound British. I imagine this puts my accent somewhere mid-Atlantic. I am, quite literally, lost at sea.

Perhaps this inner turmoil is why I am drawn to Jen Tozer's "Made in England" necklace and ring; they're a tongue-in-cheek way to remember who I am.


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  • Libertygirl said...
    6:08 AM
    Hmm. I think I may want one of these too...
  • Jennifer said...
    5:37 AM
    Dear Sweet pea,

    From sea to shining sea... You put the star in spangled banner..

    Yours Faithfully
    Jen Tozer

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